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Episode 4, Dec 19 08:



In just over a year of playing music together, the quartet originally from Berrien Springs, MI known as “I Am Band”, has released their first album entitled “Better Than That”. I Am Band has created a Pop/Rock sound centered around refreshing piano, driving guitar riffs, moving bass lines, and creative drumming.

With only a year under their belt, I Am Band has found themselves performing in front of crowds with hundreds of people. They have performed over 50 shows and have begun to make a name for themselves nationally. They have received radio play from various radio stations including 95.3 WAOR and 98.3 “The Coast”.

“The song “Life and Lyrics” has a sound that is on the road to success.” – Sony BMG Scout.

Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Who are you? Where are you from? How long have you been a band? A: We are I Am Band. We are originally from Berrien Springs, MI but are very new to Chattanooga, TN. We have been playing music together since July of 2007.

Q: When will you be playing in [INSERT CITY NAME]? A: We would love to be playing in your city right now! We need your help to get us there though. If you have friends that would like our music, tell them and then tell us where you want us to play by dropping us a comment or message!
Q: Where can I get your CD? A: We released our first album “Better Than That” on May 2, 2008. We have it available online at http://www.cdbaby.com/iamband. As always, it is available at each one of our shows.
Q: Where can I get your merch? A: We have merch at all our shows. We hope to have our merch available online soon! Drop us a message and we’ll try to do what we can to get you one!



Formed in the magical land of Honduras in 2005 by young lovers Anderson and Shereen. Austin came over and made some noises. He is now in the band. Moved to Nashville in 2007 to hit it big in the Master’s Degree biz. We plan to become strung out on smack and squeeze and have the metro area swallow us completely. Something about Nietzsche and gazing into the abyss should go here, I think. Then end it with something witty that entices them to listen.




The Silver Tear Conspiracy began in 2007 with four members; T.J. Hopkins (Bassist, Lead Vocals), Nick Dickenson “Nick D” (Rythym Guitar, Synth), Corey Mayes (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals), and Jeremy Fishburn (Drums). Since the day we formed we have been changing the music scene of our local area by showing that artistry is not dead in music. Crafting songs that touch the heart and minds of listeners, we speed forward taking our particular brand of rock to the listeners and showing them what it is to be truly entertained. We have had an ep release known as Polyhex: The EP (March 2008) and have already sold over two hundred copies locally. These numbers are impressive considering the local population is mostly rural. Recently our music was added to cd baby and their hundreds of online partners (i.e. Verizon V-Cast, i-tunes, e-music etc.) and our prowess does not stop there. We have had news paper articles acclaiming our music as first rate, and our myspace gets fifty to one hundred plays a day. We also have a full line of merchandise and are ready to tour! Backing up our impressive sales and marketing, we play locally very frequently, bringing a solid fan base to our home area which we are sure will grow more and more from home to national as we progress.



Do you hear it? On this page, I’m sure you do. Take a moment, turn up the volume and listen closely. What are you thinking of? The answer doesn’t matter. What do you feel? That’s the important question. Every second of the song is an explanation, a different perspective of life. Gossip, friends, the music scene and former loves are some of the influences. Ladybug Landslide encompasses them in a melodic manner with endless charm. Refusing to give into the one love song after another, can’t tell one song from another, acoustic wave, Marshall writes and strives to write songs that everyone from the hardcore, punk, pop rock, indie and even some of the metal scene can enjoy and somehow find relevance within their own lives.

After 8 years as the drummer of larger local bands, the Nashville music scene became tiring. Ladybug Landslide began in February 2007 when Marshall put down the sticks and picked up the guitar. He has been touring throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Alaska.

Marshall has also shared the stage with bands such as Jonezetta, Rookie of the Year, Backseat Goodbye, 1997 and Damiera. Ladybug Landslide finished up his first full length called “Live Your Lie” that is now available at shows and on ITUNES Sept. 30th.


Episode 3, Dec 12 08:



Since January 2006, Happy Birthday Amy has been hard at work making progressive indie pop in the Nashville area. Fronted by vocalist/keyboardist, Amy Smith, Happy Birthday Amy is a trio with Dillon Smith on bass and various other instruments and Miles Cramer on the drums. Often sharing the stage with others, Happy Birthday Amy invites a revolving door of horn players to their world whom they affectionately refer to as , The Dirty Brassholes. Happy Birthday Amy strives with every live show to sound more professional, but also to give audiences what they crave: a great live show!

In March of this year the band self-released their first full-length record entitled “Sue.” The record is a journey from start to finish and while this isn’t a concept record so to speak, the songs definitely congeal and have a great sense of connection both lyrically and musically. Even from beginning of the record, listeners can hear the progressiveness of this band’s ideas with the sensual percussive transition between tracks 1 and 2 performed by drummer, Miles Cramer. “Sue” contains a wide variety of indie pop songs that are arranged by the trio and include heavy instrumentation and strong composition. Husband and wife Amy and Dillon Smith work together to color the music using a wide variety of sounds and textures. Dillon, a multi-instrumentalist, composes skilled string and horn arrangements heard especially on tracks: “The Groom”, “Disaster”, and “When You Say”, the closing track. After making the record, Happy Birthday Amy has adopted the term, “chamber pop,” to denote the fullness of their arrangements but also dictate that these songs are at anyone’s grasp. The band hopes over all that their music can be described as sophisticated without being contrived, full and beautiful, complicated and complex and a work of real musical progression.



Experimentation consumes the music of Nashville-based Lórien. Formed in September 2005, Lórien has created a unique blend of a poetic and thought provoking perspective through breathy vocals, classical piano, progressive rhythm, and melodic guitar work. Lórien has been developing and maintaining a strong buzz in the indie community.

Early demos and a stunning live performance attracted producer Andy Hunt (Jars of Clay, Buddy Guy, Smash Mouth). Not long after finishing The Ghost in the Parlor EP in 2006, Lórien performed along side mewithoutYou, Copeland, and Anberlin on the main stage of Cornerstone Music Festival as the New Band Showcase grand prize winner. Fall of 2006 brought us Lórien’s CD release at one of Nashville’s premier venues, Rocketown, an awe-inspiring, larger-than-life experience with hundreds of people in attendance for an incredibly well-crafted show complete with a choir, string quartet, and percussion breakdowns involving the majority of people on stage. Since then, Lórien has played from small intimate clubs to 2,000 seat venues across the Southeast.

Each and every one of Lórien’s shows consists of versatility, charisma, and energy that are only found in the most professional of bands. This professionalism has brought respect of many music appreciators and garnered them multiple counts of media interest. Lórien’s full and unique sound has a relevant and important place in the chronology of popular music; it is one you will be hearing a whole lot more of in the very near future.



Joseph Barrios-Lead Vocals, and Lead Guitar

Barrett Kutas-Drums/Percussion

Jacob Carroll-Rythym Guitar, Keyboard/Piano

Evan Daws-Bass, 12-String Guitar,Backup Vocals



This is my solo page. This is where my songwriting comes to reside. I use this to express myself in ways i couldn’t do otherwise. Most of the music you hear will be only me. The Guitar, The Drums, The Bass, and The Voice. I also decided to leave most of my music for free download, hoping this will encourage you to come to one of my shows. Later I might offer them on Itunes to get exsposure, but you can rest assure that as long as money is not an issue, my music here will be free If you’re interested in booking send me a message on myspace or through email joebarri93@hotmail.com!




Since forming in 1990, Nashville legends The Floating Men have become one of the most influential indie acts in the Eastern US, releasing seven critically-acclaimed studio albums and a bevy of officially-authorized bootlegs. Their songs are covered by young performers all over the country, their lyrics are discussed in college classrooms, and they have inspired innumerable songwriters, musicians, and poets. Supported by a ravenously loyal cult of road-tripping followers (self-dubbed The Floatilla), The Floating Men continued to stretch musical boundaries on their 2002 CD release, A Magnificent Man, and on their 2004 release The Haunting, The Floatilla, as their fans are known, became “Executive Producers” of individual tracks by paying as much as $1,000 per team to watch The Floating Men record a new batch of character-rich songs. “Pleasurado!” (Fall 2007) is the fourth consecutive studio album fully funded by their enthusiastic fan base.


Episode 2, Dec 05 08:



Based out of a small Michigan Suburb town named Swartz Creek, My Parents Favorite Music (or MPFM for short) is the brainchild of a brainless 24 year-old child named Steffen Messinger. Started back in mid to late 2000 as an entry for a high school battle of the bands, the group comprised of Steffen along with help of his close friend Matt Steller and a small-town band. After the first show tanked, the band did the best thing they could do without getting courts involved by going their own separate ways, thus leaving Matt and Steffen. Being the computer whiz creative geniuses they were, they decided that a band wasn’t necessary, what with all of today’s technology in the music industry. So in January of 2002 they made their first album entitled “©®@~Z Mystery”. The album generated small-town buzz and sold pretty well within the next couple of years. Released in 2004 the “Wheel O’ Ex-Girlfriends” was follow-up that proved to be good for old and new fans alike. In 2005 Matt graduated from college at the University of Michigan and is now residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he is the head IT department internal pin-capture programming specialist. That didn’t keep him from doing what he loves best though. He went on to being the producer/co writer for many of the songs from the upcoming 2007 album “Testing the Waters” and intends to be part of MPFM for the days to come. Steffen relocated to Knoxville, TN and is currently working on the final touches for the new album Relentless in his pursuit to give video game inspired punk rap to the masses, or even just the small town arcades, be assured he knows where you live, and all your basement are belong to us.




Just 1 man, his Voice, his acoustic Gibson guitar, a borrowed complete rearrangement of drum beats, a Casio Keyboard on loan from his lil sis (thanks Rox I love you!!!), a Pentium III 512Mb Computer using freeware (thank you “Audacity” and “FL Studios 8”) and a dream to provide meaningful music in a collapsing society. “AJ in Evolution” is the true embodiment of the revolution against the decline of western civilization as it has progressed over the years. A musician should constantly be evolving to enhance his or her abilities and come into his or her own through experience, connection, and sharing of ideals, beliefs, and visions for the future of humanity and the world in which man has so thoughtlessly forgotten. “AJ in Evolution” is a mission, a call to break free from everything that holds down and prevents the progress of the human imagination.



In early 2005, Stephen Rockford Hammond created the band “FLUX PUNCH.” The band was aggressively cosmopolitan, from traces of jazz, shadows of metal, and aspects of progressive rock to the essentials of pop music. FLUX PUNCH was a union of grooves catchy and original enough to stand ahead of what one may hear on everyday radio or MTV. FLUX PUNCH began with key grandstand shows around middle Tennessee, gathering swift attention and teeming devotees. Quick demands pushed the band into a recording phase that lasted into the spring of 2006. The product, a demo CD, one may still find here and there. No longer commanding stages, FLUX PUNCH dissolved in April 2007. However, Stephen Rockford Hammond has captured the band’s “pan-genre” feel on his new self-produced album entitled “FLUX PUNCH.”



lizzie conner- geetar, keys, voices, words

emily williamson- keys, harmonies, rain stick

patrick howell- bassface, sometimes gEEtar

alexandra deane- violin/fiddle, shakers, voices

miller rich- drooms

The EP was recorded and mixed with gravity boots recording, mastered by bluefields mastering, and we also screen printed the covers at LOOK silkscreen studios. and after many many hours and months, it’s finally available for your listening pleasure! general hum is a fun project. stay cool and stay tuned.



my name is lizzie conner and i write songs and like to play them. i’m in a band called general hum and we play better versions of the songs i work on and sometimes post on this page. you can easily contact me here: lizzies_music@yahoo.com.


Episode 1, Nov 15 08:



Blue Cadet Three was started in 2007 when then 15 year old Jacob Davis began recording simple songs in his bedroom in Nashville, TN using guitar, melodica, banjo and mandolin. It then has since evolved and changed into a 5 piece band consisting of Jake, Patrick Howell (bass, ukuele), Rachael Durnin (drums, accordion), Miller Rich (guitar, drums, melodica, singing saw etc.) and Hannah Plummer (Viola). Together they have created a unique sound by using traditional acoustic and folk instruments in a more modern and different way. Commonly described as “indie folk,” they have been experimenting with wide ranges of instruments and styles and have been compared to bands such as The Decemberists and Neutral Milk Hotel. The constantly changing lineup and interesting variety of instruments makes for a fun and energetic live show.

Their debut EP will be available shortly, so check out their Myspace page for more info.



http://www.myspace.com/donnafrostmusic (Donna Frost, solo)

In 1981, the Nashville underground rock scene was beginning to take off with venues such as Phrank-n-Steins and Cantrells presenting local new wave & rock acts. Inspired by what was going on, siblings Donna & Tony Frost, (Donna-lead vocals & rhythm guitar, Tony-drums & backing vocals) along with friends Todd Andrews (bass & vocals), Johnny Lauffer (keyboards & vocals) & Chuck Allen (lead guitar), formed the band the Bunnies.

The group debuted in January of 1982 at KO Jams, opening for local favorites, The Times. Lauffer and Andrews left shortly after the group’s first two gigs. Todd McAlpin replaced Andrews on bass and the Bunnies became a four piece band. This lineup lasted for a few months with the band playing a number of shows in Nashville. Chuck Allen was replaced by Jeff Van Allen (no relation) on lead guitar and Rick Federico replaced Todd McAlpin on bass. This was the lineup which lasted longest and is best remembered, performing regularly in Nashville rock clubs.

The Bunnies were the very 1st rock band to perform at the Cannery (which is now the Mercy Lounge) and played back to back shows .. Fridays & Saturday nights, sharing the bill with acts such as Practical Stylists, John Hinckley & The Jrs., and the Committee for Public Safety. The group were influenced especially by The Pretenders, Blondie & X. The originals were great showcases for Jeff Allen’s hot guitar solos. Lead vocalist Donna Frost was voted by Anthem Magazine as female vocalist of the year in 1983. By late 1983, Tony Frost joined the Movement on bass guitar, Donna Frost joined the all-female Paper Dolls & Jeff Allen had moved to Chattanooga. The Bunnies played their last show in October of 1983.

25 years later, the group has decided to reunite with original members Donna & Tony Frost & Jeff Allen, along with Donna’s Paper Dolls’ bandmate Turina Davis on bass. The group will be playing reunion shows in Nashville as well as some possible road dates.



“The empirical data processed through VIEWERS suggests the importance of every element and form of music invoked upon the excited ears of our primordial ancestors-Generations of sound have collided and evolved into a sensual display of brilliance-VIEWERS are the sound of the “New-Lost Generation”-Musical engineers, pioneering the dawn of a new creation and structure of beats,notes and noise-Rogue madmen on the brink of an all-out musical assault! A melting pot of razor sharp guitar strikes and bangin’beats-A foundation for the future of sound- VIEWERS share a frantic franticness-both were born with 2 good hands-and with these hands -multifarious adventures in well-calculated noise induce congruence amongst joyful faces-VIEWERS are the fulcrum and the crowbar of the next movement-“They are hip without bein slick,they are intelligent without bein corny,they are intellectual as hell and know all about sound without bein pretentious or talkin too much about it-they are Christlike.”-Adam Moorad-VIEWERS enter the studio this fall preparing their debut album-expected early 2009″
-Josh Eisner

Viewers are currently working on their debut album. Check their Myspace page for updates.



Erisa Rei has been doing music professionally since 2004. However, she has been involved in music since she was young. Erisa released her first album, This City Shall Live, in 2004. This album was praise and worship and well-received in the Christian community. Since the premiere of that album, Erisa has performed in various venues in several states.

In 2007, Erisa went a slightly different direction and recorded, “Backwards” a Christian blues/rock album. Backwards was recorded at Cinematrik Studios in Franklin, TN with owner/producer, Tim Holt. The musicians playing on it were Erik Ferguson, and Mike Caro, bass player for the likes of Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan. Austin Cook of Indevo Records was the A & R for the project. In 2007, the title track reached 17 on the roots music charts for IL, as well as 1 in the Christian music category at http://www.indie-music.com. Erisa Rei was a September 2007 featured artist at the same web-site. “Backwards” also won “Best International Adult Contemporary EP” in the 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards.

Erisa Rei’s mission is to put to song things that she thinks are relevant not only in her own life, but also in the world. Not only does she want people to listen to her music, but she also wants them to be impacted and moved by what she has to say. Her message is centered around that mission. She hopes that people will be moved to make a difference in their own world and rely on Jesus Christ.


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