Episode 2 is here!

Episode 2 is now available, and I’m glad to report that we should be keeping our weekly schedule from here on out, so check back next Friday December 12 for Episode 3.

Click here to download the Mp3


Click here for several streaming and download options

This week’s show features music from My Parent’s Favorite MusicA.J. In EvolutionStephen Rockford HammondGeneral HumLizzie Connor and, as always, my own band Teenage Reverse Minds on Fire.

Here’s the track listing:

My Parent’s Favorite Music – Robit

A.J. In Evolution – Lackadaisical

Teenage Reverse Minds on Fire – You Get What You Get

Stephen Rockford Hammond – Certainty

General Hum – Your Kite

Teenage Reverse Minds on Fire – BadWrong FalsePaul

My Parent’s Favorite Music – Mountain Sickness

Lizzie Connor – Three Fourths (Stay You Do)

A.J. In Evolution – Revolutionary

Stephen Rockford Hammond – Another

My thanks to all the artist’s who participated this week, and be sure to check back next week. Also note the Rss link which can be used to subscribe to the feed.


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