Debut Episode is Here

Well, that was a long time coming, but the first episode is finally here featuring music from: Blue Cadet ThreeThe BunniesViewersErisa ReiTeenage Reverse Minds on Fire and Midnight Splendor.

You can find the Mp3 version of Episode 1 here

or click here for several streaming and download options.

Go to the Featured Artists page at right for more information about each artist and links to their pages, or check out the friends of the show section.

Here is the track listing for this week:

Blue Cadet Three – Possibility

Teenage Reverse Minds on Fire – Everything’s Gone Wrong

The Bunnies – Child Molester

Viewers – Pets With Pockets

Blue Cadet Three – Drink The Ocean

Erisa Rei – Backwards

The Bunnies – Really Want To Go

Teenage Reverse Minds on Fire – Teenage Reverse Minds on Fire

Viewers – Here’s To Your Health

Midnight Splendor – 2007 EP Track 2 (Unknown Title)

Teenage Reverse Minds on Fire – I’m Special (Live Demo Performance)


And, as promised, here are all of the submissions that didn’t quite make it into the show. Give them a listen. Thanks to everyone who submitted:

JPad Music (Several Artists)

Michael Land

Ray Whitlock

Frank Licht

Shaylor Alley


Hopefully we can have a new show ready by next week, but it might be longer. I’m confident that as we build up listeners, it will become easier to find new material for each show. So if you like what you hear and you’re in a band, or know someone in a band, feel free to drop us a line at:

And stay posted to the blog for all sorts of strange updates.


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